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17 year old Young Girl Brutally Beheaded By Drug Dealers In Mexico. In a brutal reprisal for the recent execution of Commandante Gallo, the CDGs have beheaded another woman. This victim is a 17 year old 'cook' (this means she was a personal drug cooker) for one of the Zeta bosses, and she doesn't take her death as stoically/quietly as the last few female gangsters we've seen on here. This one cries and begs beforehand, soils herself badly, and tries to scream in agony once the cutting starts. Pretty rough stuff.


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File type: 3GPP Multimedia File     File size: 5,577 KB     Uploaded: 2013-09-15
Publisher: http://pink-panty.blogspot.com


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Last viewed: 2016-09-09
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