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2shared Privacy Policy

Your use of www.2shared.com site is governed by 2shared Terms of Use and this Privacy Policy. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to disclose what services we provide, how the information you store at the 2shared may be used, and how such information is both protected and made available on our Web site.

This privacy policy may change from time to time, so you are encouraged to check the page regularly. 2shared will operate this Web site according to the Privacy Policy that is posted at the time.

When you upload your files to the 2shared server, we will provide you with a unique URL to download your file and administrative link to remove, rename, add description, add password and perform some other operations with your file. 2shared will provide your file to any web browser requesting your unique URL. 2shared has the right to review your file contents for violations of our Terms of Use. If 2shared determines your file is in violation of 2shared Terms of Use the file will be removed and further actions can be taken in regard of such violation. We reserve the right to cancel your files from our systems.

IMPORTANT: By uploading files to 2shared.com you agree they become publicly available and confirm you have legitimate rights to make these files public. You are responsible for any possible violation of third party rights related to uploaded content in case if this content is not in public domain or you don't have legitimate rights to make the content publicly available.

2shared will not attempt to access your files at any time unless explicitly instructed to do so by you. We do not own the contents. 2shared will only have access to your files for purposes of troubleshooting. We will allow your files to be downloaded according to your security settings. 2shared has extensive security measures in place to protect your files while stored on our servers and we will prosecute any attempt to access this information without authorization.

Web-Server Log and Cookies

2shared collects information about the areas and pages of the 2shared website you visit. We also collect information such as your operating system, browser version and the size of your screen. We analyze this data to determine what is of interest to our users as a group, and thereby improve our website. This information is collected in the form of the usual web server logs and cookies. 2shared also collects this information to make the website viewable and useful for the majority of our clients.

Our website utilizes a non-persistent cookie to track your session with our web site. This is an encrypted number generated when you visit any site that supports sessions. This is a session cookie. It helps 2shared track your sessions and store persistent information to make your visit to our site smoother. This cookie is saved permanently at your PC. This data does not contain any secure information (just an encrypted string). At no time are cookies used to track where you have been either before or after your visit to our website. No other website can access any information about you from the cookies we may store on your local computer. We do not share cookies, as well as any type of information, with any other companies.

Access to your information

You have the right to access, upload and download your files at any time. You may also grant access to your files to other persons by providing the download link to your audience.

If for some reason you cannot access your file on 2shared, please contact us at support@2shared.com.

How we protect your information

Any information collected and processed with 2shared is treated with the utmost confidentiality. 2shared will not sell or rent out any personal information gathered from clients. We will make no public release of any personal information that is collected through our proprietary file sharing tool. All client-specific information gathered through 2shared will be the property of the user. To prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, to maintain data accuracy and to ensure the appropriate use of information, we have put into place physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard the information that we collect online. We use encryption when collecting or transferring data.

Automated and scheduled backups make reliability of the service much higher. Daily copying of the information will let you avoid any unpleasant consequence.

On-site security includes closed circuit video monitoring, alarmed doors with secure card-key access monitored 24x7.

2shared Customer Support team may examine files for support and troubleshooting purposes. They also may examine the files stored by the users in case of abuse reporting.

Third Party Web Sites

2shared website may contain links to Internet sites and services that are maintained by third parties. Those sites may have privacy and security policies that are different from those followed by 2shared. The 2shared has no control over those sites and is not responsible or liable for the policies and practices followed by such third parties. When you visit any site outside www.2shared.com this Privacy Policy is no longer valid, while the Privacy Policy of the current site you are visiting comes into force.

The Feedback Form

The Feedback Form is an online tool that allows you to report violations of 2shared Services privacy statements, specific privacy concerns pertaining to 2shared.com.

To access feedback form use the Feedback link at the top right of the screen of our web service.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or comments about our Privacy Policy, please contact us at support@2shared.com.

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